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Being able to drive is one of the great pleasures in life. You can drive whenever and wherever you like. The feeling of being told that you have passed your test is one that has to be experienced. However, driving skills are earned through the lessons that you take from an instructor so it is vital to select the right driving instructor.

1 Reputation

Location of the driving school is not necessarily a crucial factor. However, make sure your driving instructor is well recommended (preferably in your area because that is where you will be practicing ) and that you are happy before you commit to a block of lessons. Knowing the pass rate and if the instructor is flexible with times is important as you want to get the best service for your money.

Like any product it is best to shop around. Have a look at two or three instructors before committing to one.

2 Does the driving instructor give you undivided attention while driving?

Remember you want to learn from the best and receive a quality driving education. An instructor should be giving 100 per cent attention so he/she can point out any mistakes and areas where you can improve.

3 What car does the instructor use?

Learners usually find it easier to practice in a small car; it is particularly handy when learning how to park. Dual control will also give the learner more confidence because in the event of a mistake the instructor can correct the outcome.

4 Lesson costs

Driving lessons are expensive, so you will want to know for what you are handing over hard earned money. You find out if the instructor gives you a full hour of driving education so your lessons starts when you step into the car and ends when you leave. Some instructors may include picking up and dropping off times in their lessons which will result in you not receiving the full hour.

Watch out for two hour lessons as instructors may wish to push for these. Two hours is long even for experienced drivers never mind learners. These will not help get the test quicker and are not cost effective. Twelve single hour lessons are more effective than six two hour lessons.

So there you have it a few tips to picking your driving instructor from advertiser.ie Happy driving.

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