Search for relatives of Galway man who died in Australia

Facebook group Irish Families in Perth (IFIP ) is looking for any information on family members of the late Patrick Francis Gordon.

Mr Gordon who passed away last November is believed to be from the Claddagh area in Co Galway, and he resided in Subiaco, Perth, until his death.

It is believe that Mr Gordon had no family in Australia so his remains were cremated and are currently being looked after by a friend of his.

A spokesperson for IFIP said; “Patrick came from a family of 15 from possibly the Claddagh area of Co Galway. We believe he was born in 1941 which would have made him approximately 75/76 when he passed away.

“From what Patrick told his friends in Perth, he left Ireland when he was 17 and moved to Scotland and Coventry for work. He emigrated to Australia on February 4 1970 under the assisted migration scheme and we believe he worked in the Mount Newman Mines. We believe his mother’s maiden name is Faherty and that many of his family may have emigrated from the Emerald Isle.

“We are desperately looking for a member of Patrick’s family.”

Friends of Mr Gordon in Australia said that he was a gentleman and a keen football follower.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr Gordon’s family can contact IFIP by private message through its Facebook page.



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