Ditch your paper loyalty card system and drive business sales

A pioneering new loyalty app is leading the revolution against costly customer retention programs, complex technology, and wallet-bound loyalty cards, giving business owners the opportunity to use easy online software to drive sales and engage customers like never before.

Enter Stamp MeTM, the digital alternative to traditional loyalty programmes that registers loyalty stamps on customers’ smartphones when they hover over the Stamp MeTM Loyalty Beacon placed at the retailer’s point of sale.

Lost and replacement paper loyalty cards are a thing of the past; Stamp MeTM moves loyalty card programs completely online, captures customer purchase data and even features an online toolkit for automated SMS notifications, birthday club promotions, e-newsletters and social media updates to highlight news, events and promotions. With Stamp MeTM you have flexibility to respond to customer needs how and when you want.

With very little hardware, Stamp MeTM is incredibly cost effective, drawing on a system and technology that is already tried and tested by large and small retailers in 27 countries around the world.

Businesses of any size or type can create their own powerful customer loyalty program from just €120 for setup. A low monthly fee of €60 thereafter gives your business continued access to the Stamp MeTM system.

To get started, simply go to www.bumsonseats.ie/register, fill in your details, complete payment and we will set you up and send out your marketing pack and beacon.

Stamp MeTM is offered in Ireland by Bums on Seats, the official Irish agent for the Stamp MeTM loyalty app. Learn more at www.bumsonseats.ie . For more information call us on 01 6111589


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