Talk on school transition for children with DCD/dsypraxia

Transitioning from primary school to secondary school can be daunting for many children, but for children with additional/special needs it can be even more so. The Galway Dyspraxia Support Group that was set up by a group of local parents of children with DCD/dsypraxia are hosting a talk on Wednesday January 25 on the topic of ‘ Transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School for Children with DCD/Dyspraxia’.

The talk will take place in the Connacht Hotel at 8pm (doors open 7.30pm ). Spaces are limited, and tickets cost €5 and are available on the night. Emer McDonagh, child psychotherapist, who will be looking at the emotional impact of the transition on children with DCD/Dyspraxia and how parents/guardians can support their emotional needs.

Eileen Delaney, school principal will be looking at some of the practical aspects of the transition. Dyspraxia also known as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder ) affects the fine motor skills (eg handwriting, holding a knife and fork, doing up shoelaces etc ) and gross motor skills (using your arms and legs for skipping, jumping, catching etc ) and sensory or planning abilities of children and adults. It is a lifelong condition.

The group also run activities for children including summer camps and will be holding ‘Fun Physio’ workshops for children aged 8 to 12 in Renmore starting on January 26. To find out more about the group email [email protected]


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