Outgoing chairman slams betting culture in GAA

Gambling is a crisis issue within the GAA and Galway, according to outgoing Galway county chairman Noel Treacy.

Treacy, who has served his five years in the chair, told delegates last Monday night at convention that betting goes against everything the GAA stands for.

The former TD and Minister of State also highlighted an increase in the number of players who confided in top-table officials their “serious gambling addiction problems” and called on the Government to proceed with the “long-awaited” Gambling Control Bill.

“During the past year, at least two of our club teams arranged individual and group bets on crucial games,” Treacy revealed.

“On one instance, they lost both the game and their money. In another instance, the betting team won the game and I presume their bets also. This is an antithesis to everything that we stand for as an association. During the past year, I have raised this crisis issue at the highest levels."

“Gambling addiction is a bottomless pit and causes personal, business, family, financial, mental and other unforeseen problems, which cannot be understated." he said.

“I expect that both our national management committee, through Central Council, will make recommendations to Congress in going some distance to eliminate this sporting scourge within our association. Likewise, I expect our Government to proceed with the long-awaited Gambling Control Bill in the year ahead.”

While Treacy has stepped down from the Galway county board he has not moved away completely from GAA officialdom as he, along with Clonbur’s John Joe Holleran, has been selected as Galway’s representative on Connacht Council for 2017.


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