Galway Quakers to hold an ‘Open House’ open day

Galway Quakers will hold an ‘Open House’ in St Nicholas Parochial School, Waterside, on Saturday November 22 from 11am to 5pm, to give people in the city an opportunity to learn about the community and the faith.

Quakers, also know as the Religious Society of Friends, is one of the smallest Christian denominations in Ireland. Quakerism developed in the 1650s, and through simple forms of worship, emphasise the importance of a direct relationship between God and individuals, with an inner experience of Christ leading to outward action. Friends believe there is something of God in everyone and that colour, class, or gender should not be a barrier to our discovering this in each other.

Known for their commitment to pacifism and social justice Quakers can be found working with others on numerous issues, trying to “remove the causes of all war and strife and to alleviate poverty”.


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