Galway Bay Cycling Club to hold novice cycling programme

Galway Bay Cycling Club, as part of the Cycling Ireland Bike for Life / Women in Sport Initiative, propose to hold a 6-8 week course beginning this weekend.

Why not try Bike for Life? Bike for Life is a novice cycling programme involving eight practical cycling sessions delivered by a Cycling Ireland-trained leader. The focus of the programme is on learning and meeting new people.

The Women in Sport Iniative encourages more women to be active and to participate in sport. Galway Bay Cycling Club will be running a five-week Bike For Life Cycling Ireland programme for beginner women cyclists starting this Sat Nov 12

Pre-registration is essential, and there are further details on the Galway Bay cycling club Facebook page or contact [email protected].

Why sign up for Bike for Life?

Cycling regularly can help you lose weight, reduces stress and improves your fitness. Cycling is a low impact exercise, so it is easier on your joints than running or other high impact activities.

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your day because it is also a form of transport.

Bike for Life aims to create a community of cyclists, as there will also be a focus on the social side of the sport.

What will you learn?

Preparing for a Bike Ride: What to wear, what to bring.

Riding Safely on the Road: Basic road skills,advanced road skills, riding in the dark.

Riding as a Group: Riding in pairs, riding as a group, group riding etiquette.

Using Shared Facilities: Riding in low volume traffic, riding in higher volume traffic.

Bike Handling Skills

Nutrition & Hydration: Basic requirements, requirements for a cyclist.

Bike Repair & Maintenance: Basic bike maintenance

Training for your Riding Goals: Getting Started, going further and cycling challenges.

How much does it cost?

€15 / £12 per person

What else will you receive?

Bike for Life Training Log

A Bike for Life Cycling Buff

A Bike for Life Water Bottle

8 session programme led by a Cycling Ireland trained leader

Personal accident and third party insurance cover for the duration of the programme

Please note that you will need to have your own bike (any type as long as it is roadworthy ) and helmet.


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