Celebrate World Vegan Day 2016 at Evergreen Healthfoods

Did you know that the first World Vegan Day was held on November 1 1994? Twenty two years on, this day has become the biggest day in the vegan calendar.

What is World Vegan Day? It is a day to celebrate all things vegan and to promote and raise awareness of veganism. World Vegan Day has grown into the biggest vegan celebration and awareness day of the year.

The term vegan was coined by Donald Watson and derived from the word vegetarian. At that time, the differentiation was that vegans did not consume dairy products whereas vegetarians would. In later years the term extended to include eggs, and by 1951, veganism had become a movement where people would not participate in the exploitation of animals.

Every year on November 1 vegans around the world celebrate by holding festivals and exhibitions. This year Evergreen Healthfoods will be celebrating World Vegan Day by conducting a weeklong celebration. Evergreen’s vegan celebration week will take place from Tuesday November 1 to Sunday November 6. The week will be full of food tastings, product sampling, competitions, and much more.

There will be a free vegan guide available instore. This guide is packed full of vegan lifestyle tips and super tasty vegan recipes. It is perfect for anyone wanting to start a vegan diet or for anyone who is currently a vegan.

At Evergreen Healthfoods a large selection of vegan friendly products like foods, beauty, household, and Galway’s largest selection of vegan friendly supplements can be found. In addition several of Evergreen Healthfoods' staff members are vegan, so if you have a question they will be on hand to give advice.

To help you get started on the vegan journey Evergreen would like you to try its amazing recipe for vegan chocolate.

Quick and easy vegan chocolate ingredients

200g True Natural Goodness cacao butter (finely chopped ).

75ml Biona agave nectar.

50g True Natural Goodness cacao powder.

Evergreen desiccated coconut.

Iswari “Fruits of Love” mix (optional ).


Bring two inches of water to a boil in a large saucepan and place a mixing bowl on top.

Add cocoa butter to mixing bowl and allow to melt.

Once melted add agave nectar, mix until combined and set aside.

Slowly add cocoa powder, Iswari mix and desiccated coconut and mix until combined.

Adjust flavour as you like, adding more agave to sweeten and as much coconut and Iswari mix as desired.

To set, pour thick layer into casserole or similar dish, cover in cling film and allow to harden in fridge or freezer, about 10-20 minutes.

For more information on the vegan celebration week’s events visit evergreen.ie/blog or follow Evergreen on Facebook or Twitter.


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