Messages In Water event to mark impact of suicide to be held tomorrow at Nimmo’s Pier

A community event to help promote awareness and healing relating to the impact that suicide has on the lives of people in and around the city of Galway and county, is to be held in the city tomorrow evening Friday September 23.

Many people both young and old have lost their lives to suicide here in Galway city as well as throughout the country and organiser Bernadette Finn who works as therapist and counsellor, says she has witnessed at first hand the devastation of so many families’ lives as a result.

“I have walked the prom from Blackrock to The Claddagh on a daily basis over the past 20 years with the thought of what a beautiful thing it would be to begin as a community “Healing the waters” around the Claddagh Bay, to honour the people we have lost to these waters as well as their families. There are so many people suffering and in dark places who need to know that they are not on their own, and that Galway is a community with people who genuinely care.

“I invite everyone to support this event to make it special no matter how large or small it may be. If anyone would like to say a prayer, give a talk, dance, sing a song or play some music or if you might have other ideas to make this event more personal and special then that would be great too,:” she added.

“We welcome all families in Galway who have experienced hard times and who have lost anyone through suicide. We welcome all families who have experienced loss of any kind. We welcome homeless people to let them know that we care about them. We welcome everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background or religious beliefs, who may be feeling lost and don’t know where to turn. We welcome all schools, sports clubs and all health groups and clubs in the area of healthy lifestyles and positive mental health. We open-heartedly welcome everyone,” she concluded.



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