A piano played with nuts, bolts, and erasers

Izumi Kimura to perform at Galway Jazz Festival

Izumi Kimura.

Izumi Kimura.

A PIANO treated with bolts, but also plastic, rubber and a pencil eraser will be played in Druid's Mick Lally Theatre for one of the most 'out there' and experimental shows of the Galway Jazz Festival.

Izumi Kimura is a Japanese born pianist resident in Ireland who has played with both RTÉ orchestras and leading Irish ensembles. She has also championed new music throughout her career.

On Saturday October 8 at 3pm she performs John Cage's Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, a collection of 20 short pieces, generally recognised as one of Cage's finest achievements.

A 'prepared piano' is one where the composer directs that various materials be placed between, over or around strings to alter their sound. Cage experimented with 45 notes, using screws, bolts, plastic, rubber, and a pencil eraser. The composer claimed he had transformed the piano into an instrument that could "sober and quiet the mind, thus rendering it susceptible to divine influences".

It takes about two/three hours to prepare the piano for this performance, and while there are detailed instructions, Cage suggested there is no strict plan to adhere to: "If you enjoy playing the Sonatas and Interludes, then do it so it seems right to you".

For tickets see www.gjf16.com



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