is the place to be is the new home for locating businesses in Ireland’s innovation, technology, and startup sector.

TechIreland will promote Irish tech companies on an international and local scale, tracking their progress, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, identifying consumer trends, and recording a story of how to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace. In recent times, Galway has become a central hub for innovation, and companies such as Portershed’s Altocloud, GMIT’s Rockfield Medical Devices, and app creator Superpixel, which began in Galway and now has offices in London, have been utilising the online platform as a means of collaboration and growth.

“The main reason we would use at the moment is that it is evident that the database is aiming to be a central depository website for all tech businesses including start-ups in Ireland,” said head of digital marketing at Altocloud, Maricka Burke-Keogh. “Altocloud wants to make sure that our brand gets out there, and that possible investors and product users get an understanding of our software, via the listing.

“Ireland is increasingly becoming a leading hub for tech businesses in Europe and throughout the world, and while there are more internationally recognised databases, such as CrunchBase, we find the listing on an Irish tech hub just as an important, if not more,” she added. “Altocloud is always seeking out suitable partnerships, and integrations, so using the tool from that perspective also helps. It allows us to search key information about a company and filter details including company size, product stage, and number of employees, therefore allowing us to get a good understanding of the customer straight away.”

The website was commissioned by the Office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups, an independent, not-for-profit, organisation that supports and promotes Irish innovative product-based companies. It was started earlier this year, and is currently in a beta phase, with plans to launch a fully functional database by mid-October. However, there are already 1,000 businesses which avail of the service, which separates companies by location, type, funding stage, product type, and target market.

The site is maintained by a team of analysts, and the complete database will provide customers with a tech ecosystem of Ireland. It will be a business development tool helping connect Irish startups with global investors, media, and customers, while also providing Irish companies with a place to find multinational partners, distributors, and customers with an Irish interest.

“In summary, we are on as a more local/national medium for possible investors and consumers to find out vital information about Altocloud,” said Ms Burke-Keogh. “In addition, it also offers a reliable source for the media who might be carrying out research about the company. To date, we have found the database very diligent in reaching out to us to make sure we have the latest information on the page. As a result, this also gives us comfort that the other information we are reading is as relevant and current as possible.”

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