How fast should I lose the baby weight?

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I don’t like putting time frames on weight loss. This article is inspired by the question I received after one of my classes. How fast should you lose the baby weight?

A mom of a 3-month old baby girl was told by a nutritionist, that she should have lost the extra weight by now. Her baby was 3 months old!

First, it made me question what kind of a nutritionist that was. I mean, if you’re an obese weight loss client, then yes, 3 months is a time where you should lose a fair amount of weight. But if you’re a new mother, maybe also breast feeding one, then come on.

To all the mommies out there:

Your body just grew a human being and took 9 (10 to be exact : ) ) months to put that weight on. It is only logical to give it as much time to lose it, or maybe even longer. You don’t want to crash diet, starve or overdo it with training. Instead, you want to lose the weight gradually and healthily. If you’re breast feeding, you also need to keep in mind that your body needs extra calories for that. And on top of all that, being a mom is hard work. It’s a full time 24/7 commitment.

So unless you’re a supermodel/famous actress, stop beating yourself up with this should of, could of crap. Even supermodels shouldn’t do it so fast. For some reason we’re under so much pressure with weight and looks and appearance. It really is bloody exhausting. We are all different. With different goals, ideals and thoughts. Not everyone has to be stick skinny, or have shredded abs. Be healthy, be happy, enjoy your life. Just don’t be a couch potato! Nor a fast food junkie!

Take your time, enjoy your new baby and take little steps at the time. Start with some light exercise- walking, swimming, special postnatal classes. Look into your fridge and make some healthy changes there. Yes, you need some extra calories for breast feeding but you need them to be quality calories. And whatever your weight loss goal is, if you keep thing steady and healthy, you will lose it. This I can promise!

Been there and done that! I’ve been very open about my weight gain and total unawareness about clean eating, and the perks of moving your back side during pregnancy. The magic of breast feeding didn’t work on my weight either. So it’s all been hard work, a lot of determination and will power. I know it’s easier said than done but believe me, one small step at the time.

And no unrealistic goals, please!

Airike Monahan

Personal Trainer/Pre&Post Natal Fitness Trainer

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