The future is designed

The Portershed and have come together to bring the much-anticipated documentary Design Disruptors to Galway.

The movie will be screened in the Portershed startup hub, on August 18 at 6pm. Design Disruptors takes the audience behind the scenes of some of the largest and most successful companies in the world today. They will see how start ups, such as Netflix and DropBox, are heavily design led. The movie talks to some of the earliest employees of Facebook and AirBNB, and shows the design processes which helped to scale into global giants.

It opens up the world of User Experience Design and shows the importance of placing high value on the end user. The film was created by InVision, a prototyping App which itself is a startup success story.

David Malpass, speaking on HubSpot said: "We want designers to feel empowered to share this film with their organisation, and for non-designers to recognise their success and elevate them."

The Portershed is just off Eyre Square. Register on the link below, the screening is expected to start at 6.30pm.

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