Home expressions

Consumers’ increasing interior design confidence and personal tastes make any style fashionable for 2009. From sleek, glamorous, leather suites and corner units to fabulous floral and print fabric suites, home décor is now geared more towards self expression and glamorous living experiences.

Black and white is still popular and has remained popular over the years, in part because it’s almost a neutral; you can use it as a backdrop for many different looks. It has a very modern appeal that always looks groomed and stylish. EZ Living Furniture in the Terryland Retail Park has the perfect piece to create this look, the three seater leather reclining Gloria suite. It comes in dramatic black; this could be teamed with bold floral wallpaper and some contrasting EZ Living accessories to add the finishing touches.

A living space should reflect your personality and lifestyle. People’s desire to create a happy mood with colour and pattern can have warming effects. Choose soft, airy, shades of purple and cream for bedrooms where you wish to unwind. EZ Living’s new spring range has catered for this flair and the Magic bedroom range is a prime example of this. Its mix of oak with a flicker of walnut running through it creates a calm yet stylish environment in any home. For a simpler touch EZ Living also has a variety of dreamy bedding and throws which allow you to update to a new look for less.

If you want to channel your inner designer call into EZ Living Terryland Retail Park, for a refreshing look at what beautiful homes are filled with.


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