Time to teach an old dog new tricks

Summer is a time many associate with holidays, chilling out, sun [sometimes], and switching off from the daily grind of work to recharge the batteries. However the extra free time may enable you to try out something different, be it a new sport, a new pastime, or even an opportunity to enroll in a course to learn a new skill.

They say you never stop learning as you grow and there are number of courses out there that one can avail of to upgrade the CV and enhance job prospects. Even the plain old satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge can be enough to tempt people to participate in a class while meeting new people and friends.

Here at the advertiser.ie we decided to provide you with a few ideas of what could be of interest.

Learning a new language

Bonjour. Dos cervezas por favor. Danke schön. Trying out a new tongue can be a fun and fulfilling experience. As the world becomes smaller thanks to the internet, many employees tend to be getting ahead of the chasing pack because they are fluent in two or more languages. If that does not convince you, think about how easy it will be to order food and drink abroad if you have that language dictionary stored in your brain. You never know your teacher might even organise a little class trip away on the Continent.

If foreign languages are not your thing, remember we have the beautiful, poetic Gaeilge here and there are many classes from which to choose. Síleann na cailíní go bhfuil mé deas dóighiúil, agus aontaím leo. You know what that means? Get yourself to a Conradh na Gaeilge class and find out.

Get your chef hat

Fed up of eating the same, old, boring meals day in, day out? Lacking in inspiration to satisfy your tastebuds? Look no further than a cooking class. You do not need to be Jamie Oliver to take part and do not worry, Gordon Ramsey will not be the tutor; all levels of cooks are welcome. Cooking can be therapeutic and learning a few tasty recipes will certainly impress your other half, keep the children happy, but most importantly give you that sense of achievement. And of course learning how to cook healthy food can only be good for your mind and your waistline.

Try accountancy

You do not need a university degree to become an accountant. If you feel like a career change or even feel like the numbers game is the one for you, there are plenty of accountancy courses to fulfill your goal. Accounting can be a lucrative occupation and an accounting degree is recognised all over the world which enables you to travel the globe with your vocation if you so wish. Also being able to manage your own monetary affairs cannot be a bad thing either.

Start making tunes

Music lessons are among the classes with the highest participation rate. Most people want to learn a new instrument for personal satisfaction whereas others just see it as a bit of craic while jamming with a few friends. There is a variety of lessons from which to choose and no matter what your instrument of choice, you can guarantee there will be a teacher.

It is also believed that playing an instrument benefits the brain as the activity engages practically every area of your grey matter. So why not become smarter while banging some cool tunes.

So there you have it; a couple of ideas to improve ourselves. Remember the classes and subjects available are limitless so do not waste your free time and get learning.



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