Get ready for Pancake Tuesday

Twenty five per cent more Tesco Ireland customers choose to buy milk, flour, and eggs to make their own pancakes rather than buy convenience pancake products, a survey by the supermarket chain has revealed.

It’s no wonder, given that any number of delicious home-made pancakes can be made using these three ingredients, and the result is far tastier than the just-add-water variety available in supermarkets.

The Tesco survey found people enjoy all sorts of toppings on their pancakes, with lemon juice the most popular pancake topping bought in Tesco Ireland stores. This is followed in second place by preserves, with chocolate spread in third place and ice cream in fourth.

Our top tips for pancakes accompaniments are lemon juice and sugar, chocolate spread with bananas, and maple syrup for those with an extra sweet tooth.

You can even try rolling pancakes with cooked meats, melted cheese, and roasted or stir fried vegetables for a healthy savoury treat.

Tesco Ireland customers buy their pancake ingredients, toppings, or mixes on average a week in advance of Pancake Tuesday. However chocolate spread sales peak on Shrove Tuesday, indicating that customers might want a chocolate treat before Lent starts!

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins, which actually means ‘goodbye to meat’. Christians believe Lent commemorates Jesus’ 40 days in solitude and often mark this by fasting. Shrove Tuesday began as a day to use up all of the ingredients in the pantry before the beginning of Lent.


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