Dancing To The End Of Love - new novel by Adrian White

Galway author's third novel

Author Adrian White.

Author Adrian White.

AN INTERNATIONALLY successful singer and a novelist begin a stormy, passionate affair, but only when their daughter is born, do the couple realise just how different they are.

Bitter with the way things have turned out, Robert sells out the only thing that now means anything to him - his relationship with his daughter. As he travels aimlessly around Europe, spending the money Siobhan has paid to get him out of her life, he begins to spiral out of control. Can he ever come to terms with what he has done, or will the disappointments of his past stop him building any kind of future?

This is Dancing To The End Of Love, the new novel by Galway author Adrian White, published by Black & White Publishing in Scotland, which the Irish Independent has called "stylish and tightly written". Catherine Dunne, author of The Years That Followed, has described it as "an absorbing, fast-paced tale...I was hooked"; while Chris Binchy, author of The Very Man, said it was, "an uncompromising and compassionate exploration of the consequences of trauma, love and loss".

Adrian White is the author of two previous novel, An Accident Waiting To Happen and Where the Rain Gets In, both of which were published by Penguin Books.



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