Public meeting on impact of Brexit this evening

One of Ireland's leading left-wing economists, Brian O'Boyle, will address a public meeting in Galway this evening, on the new situation facing Ireland in the aftermath of Brexit.

Entitled Brexit, the EU and the Left, the meeting will take place at 7.15pm in Richardson's, Eyre Square. The meeting will be followed by a discussion on how to "proceed in the interests of the majority of people in Ireland, north and south, rather than the interests of the unelected EU institutions".

"The people of Britain voted against the EU because they were alienated from its structures. The poorest sections of society had the highest Leave vote," said Kiran Emrich of Galway PBPA. "The EU is fundamentally an undemocratic institution. This has just been illustrated to us here in Ireland by the EU Commission asserting that Ireland had no right to abolish water charges - a blatant attempt to interfere with Irish democracy."

The meeting is organised by Galway People Before Profit Alliance. All are welcome.


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