BodyMind Balancing

BodyMind Balancing is a comprehensive, holistic, treatment which combines aspects of Chinese medicine, kinesiology and hatha yoga. It is a simple, safe, non-invasive technique which treats ’disease’ on all levels by re-establishing communications between the systems within the body and mind, restoring equilibrium, and promoting good health.

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves, and BodyMind Balancing will greatly assist this process. "Optimum health lies in the connectedness between the heart and brain," said Helen Bolger of the BodyMind Balancing Association. "The BodyMind complex is a series of systems that need clear communication channels between them in order to maintain harmony and health."

We are a sophisticated field of electromagnetic energy; the heart being the strongest generator of that energy. Nothing happens internally without an exchange between the systems, cells, and atoms — they are in constant communication with each other. However, due to the stresses of everyday life, these communications can become compromised, resulting in illness.

How does it work?

By means of dowsing/muscle testing BodyMind Balancing identifies, isolates, and targets where the body is compromised. This determines where healing needs to occur.

BodyMind Balancing addresses many disorders including general physical dysfunctions, immunity problems, emotional issues, thinking/conditioning patterns, and energy imbalances and learning difficlties.

Having been a recipient of BodyMind Balancing for almost 20 years and seeing the profound benefits on her self, her husband, and their four children, Sadie Cramer decided to study BodyMind Balancing and set up a practice of her own. She has a background in fine art sculpture and has facilitated hundreds of workshops/projects and delivered courses/presentations to adults and children all over Ireland. Blending the creative with the meditative, she explores the subconscious in order to promote self-healing and expression, thereby accessing personal freedom and potential.

To book an appointment phone Sadie Cramer at 087 2940458, or see


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