Disconauts - first live show of the summer

DJs Keith and Padraic to be joined by John McGrath and Danny Healy

Padraic Discnaut in action.

Padraic Discnaut in action.

THE DISCONAUTS perform their first live show of the summer, with new percussionist John McGrath and trumpeter Danny Healy, in the Róisín Dubh this Saturday from 11.30pm.

The night is the first of a new series of gigs in the Róisín from The Disconauts, led by DJs Keith and Padraic, where they will go back to their roots with a decks and percussion monthly party.

"The Róisín is and always has been our home for our live shows," says Padraic O'Connor. "It's where we've had so many memorable nights over the years with our friend and brother Mark Logan on percussion and it feels right that it's the venue where we start a fresh and exciting new live party with John joining us for all shows.

"We're also really happy to be able to have Danny Healy joining us for the first of our live gigs. Danny was our first ever horn player back in the early days. He's a sensational player, and we're thrilled he can add to the occasion and the atmosphere with us."

Admission is €5. See www.roisindubh.net


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