TD urges Galwegians to rent rooms to students

A Galway TD has urged people in the city to "seriously consider" renting out rooms in their homes to students, "for the good of Galway as well as their own pockets".

Independent Galway West TD Noel Grealish says renting rooms to students is a "win-win for everybody" which could ease "the pressure on demand for rental accommodation across the board".

According to the TD, the NUI Galway authorities at NUI Galway have this week taken to delivering circular notices to homes in the city seeking people with a room in their house to rent, as well as apartments and houses available to rent that are convenient to the university, including offers of free advertising on

Dep Grealish said he hoped that many homeowners would take up the invitation to rent out a room to students.

“Only a few weeks ago we had a worrying warning from the Union of Students in Ireland that school leavers were changing their college choices because they were concerned they wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay in Galway," he said. “In the long term that could be disastrous for the city — our two third-level colleges have to be able to attract the brightest and best brains of the country to maintain their high standards and continue moving forward.”

The CArnmore based TD said there were "big advantages" to people renting out a room in their house, with rental income of up to €12,000 a year exempt from income tax, working out at €230 a week.

“While the university’s appeal is for people to open their homes to students," Dep Grealish, "I would also urged homeowners to consider taking in single non-students, and couples too, who are struggling to find somewhere to stay."


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