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The birds are signing. The bees are buzzing. The sun is shining (every so often ). The summer has arrived and all you want to do is sit back in the comfort of your garden and unwind from the stresses and strains of everyday life. The only problem is that the garden has been neglected over the winter and is in need of some TLC.

With that in mind, here at, we have decided to provide some top tips to perfect your plot so you can make the most of the long summer days.

Mow the lawn

Now this might seem the most obvious of tasks when it comes to gardening but the rate at which you mow the lawn can have a great impact at how tidy the garden is. During the spring flush, it is advised that the grass should be cut once every three to five days. During the summer, growth slows down and may not need to be cut as often, depending on how short you want the lawn.

Also the height of the grass must be taken into consideration; the ideal height is three inches. This is because the smaller the lawn, the smaller the root systems and small root systems makes the grass more vulnerable to insects, weeds and drought. Anything over four and half inches is in serious need of attention as the grass will map over producing an unkempt, untidy, looking garden.


Similar to mowing the lawn, trees and hedgerows can grow out of control and interfere with that picture perfect plot you have been chasing. It is possible to carry out this gardening chore yourself, but it is highly recommended to ring in a professional tree surgeon who will landscape the garden to your needs and remove the cuttings all for a reasonable price.

Time to weed

I hear the groans. Let's be honest no one enjoys weeding but it has to be done. Weeds are an unsightly pest whose only purposes in life are to strangle other plants and be an ugly eyesore in your glorious garden. The easy way to weed is simply to purchase weed killer. The cost effective plan is picking up a trowel and digging out those rancid roots. It can be tiring, monotonous, work, but see it as your hour of exercise for the day while creating a garden free from imperfections.

Brighten up the shed and fence

Nothing can make the garden more uninviting than a crumbling shed or a withered, moss covered, fence. In order to give your wood a new lease of life simply; sand down any surfaces to remove any dirt and mould; add an undercoat; and finally use a lick of paint to turn your dreary, dilapidated, plot into an alluring, vibrant, sanctuary where you and the family can rest relax while, hopefully, enjoying the sun. Remember the fence and shed do not need to be the regular, old brown; DIY shops have a variety of colours from which to choose be open minded as blue and white can transform the ordinary shed into a swanky beach hut; a brighter shed equals a brighter garden.

Add accessories

Inexpensive buys like bright cushions for outside furniture or even candles for the patio table can be nice extras which give your garden a nice, updated makeover. Of course if you do not have a patio set, purchasing one can enable you to eat out in the sunshine; enjoying nature, working on the tan and satisfying hunger. What more can you ask for?

Note that if the outside furniture is metal, remember to paint it. Rusty tables and chairs are not enticing prospects for family or friends to come over for a barbecue or get together.

So there you have it; five tips to improve your garden this summer that will not hurt the bank account. No more excuses; get gardening.

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