Flannery demands urgent action on derelict properties

Fine Gael city councillor Pearce Flannery has demanded urgent action be taken to deal with the many derelict and untended buildings in the Salthill area.

Speaking in the light of this week's fire at the empty Sacre Coeur Hotel Pearce Flannery cited a number of other empty buildings that he claimed were an eyesore and a danger to public health.

“Currently we have several long term unoccupied buildings in the area” he said. "Salthill is an area that depends on tourism to survive. For such iconic landmarks to remain in such a state for such a protracted period is a disgrace. The owners have a responsibility and an obligation to the community to maintain these buildings in a proper fashion. I now intend to spearhead a campaign to enforce them to deal with buildings that in their current condition are nothing more than a blight on our landscape and a danger to our community” said Pearce Flannery.

“The fire at the former Sacre Coeur Hotel was a wakeup call for us all. It is simply a matter of good luck that nobody died in this unoccupied building this week.” said Pearce Flannery.

“I am calling on all councillors representing the Salthill area to back me in demanding that enforcement orders be issued to all owners of derelict sites win the Salthill area with immediate effect. We have heard much rhetoric about the regeneration of Salthill and it must start now. The time for empty promises is over. City council must take action” he added.


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