Release and connect with your throat chakra

The throat chakra is one with which many people have problems. Associated with the colour blue, it allows free expression, speech, communication, and sound. There are many crystals for the throat. Blue lace agate, sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue moss agate, and blue topaz are very helpful for throat chakra problems.

When we do not express or communicate our throat chakra becomes blocked. With this we suffer throat infections, deep swallowing, and tightness of the throat, and in some severe cases we are unable to swallow our food. Expression and communication is difficult for most of us. A powerful crystal that can be worn on a necklace close to the throat is blue turquoise. It aids free speech when you need it the most. It should be worn for short periods until you feel you have overcome a block in the throat.

Gentler and subtler stones that are ideal on a necklace or in bottled water are blue lace agate and blue moss agate, especially if you suffer many throat infections. Sodalite aids anxiety, fears, and phobias, and lapis lazuli aids deep embedded emotions causing the blockage, it should be used by a trained therapist as its vibration is particularly high. Keeping a diary along with the use of the crystals aids unblocking the throat chakra.

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