World’s number one weight loss tea now available exclusively at Therapie Clinic

The world’s number one celebrity weight loss tea has just arrived exclusively at Therapie Clinic. The media is buzzing and sweeping the country with talk of Yo Tea, the hottest all natural weight loss solution.

After 30 years of scientific research, rigorous clinical studies, ardent testing, and incredible results worldwide, Yo tea is now available in Ireland and exclusively available at Therapie Clinics nationwide.

The good news is that just two cups of tea a day is all it takes to dramatically lose weight – fact. Weight loss is evident within one week of taking Yo Tea. Even better news, there is no need for a super-strict exercise programme as you will start to burn up calories immediately. Of course regular exercise will speed up the process further and deliver even better results.

Yo Tea was launched in the UK earlier this year and sold out in a matter of hours, selling more than 52,000 units and causing havoc in retail stores. In the US, top personal trainers have been recommending the weight-loss aid to all of their A-list clients and Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and even Brad Pit have all been spotted with Yo Tea.

Yo Tea is a 100 per cent natural slimming aid made up of an exclusive blend of lotus leaf, poria, oolong tea, alisma rihizome, and stevia. The clinically tested and approved formula boosts metabolism, suppresses the appetite, and helps the body burn fat and lose weight naturally.

There are additional benefits in that Yo Tea not only turbocharges the metabolism, it is also proven to help your body naturally cleanse and detox.

Whether you simply sit at your desk and lose weight or hit the gym and burn even more calories, Yo Tea is the world’s best-selling weight-loss aid for a reason and will change how we approach weight loss in Ireland forever

Therapie Clinic is now also exclusively stocking the latest all natural slimming capsule, Forskolin, that singer Adele has been raving about.

Looking almost unrecognisable on the Ellen deGeneres Show, Adele spoke about her incredible weight loss, and how Forskolin has got her into ‘the best shape of her life’. It's no secret that Adele has lost an incredible amount of weight over the last couple of months, 36 pounds in roughly two months to be exact.

Therapie Clinic is experiencing record demand for the Yo Tea and Forskolin duo which are proving to be this summer’s ultimate must-haves.

To order your month’s supply, drop into Therapie Clinic, Shop Street, Galway, or phone 091 539900 and the staff will pop them in the post to you. For more information see


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