The Galwegian who hacked into Fox, Sony, and the FBI

Theatre show to explore hacking and the secret history of the Internet

In 2011 a group of six hackers from around the world hit high-profile targets such as Fox Network, HBGary, and Sony Pictures, releasing huge troves of data while at the same time poking fun at those they perceived as their enemies.

When a US grand jury indictment named five of the six members of the hacker group, one turned out to be a 21-year old from Claregalway, who had been studying at the GMIT.

This is one of the stories that is explored in a fascinating new show, Always Alone Together, which will be staged by Game Theory, as part of the Galway Theatre Festival 2016, and can be seen this evening [Wednesday May 4] in the Nuns Island Theatre, and tomorrow, at 8.30pm.

Always Alone Together is a live, one-man,m documentary storytelling show. Writer-performer Cathal McGuire was inspired to make it when he realised how little he knew about how the Internet actually works. Beginning in late 2011, in the aftermath of the massive WikiLeaks releases and the campaigns by hacktivist group Anonymous in support of the Arab Spring, Cathal began developing this show about technology, but which uses no digital technology itself in its performance.

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