Crystal healing in Amber

What are crystals? Crystals are holistic tools which we use to raise the vibration of our chakras in our bodies. The seven chakras are the energy centres in our body through which energy flows. The chakras are located from the top of our head to the lower part of our spine, each links to our external and internal organs, cells, and DNA. Our chakras change all the time from closed due to stress, illness, frustration, anger, and negativity to open from love, romance, passion, or creativity. Crystal therapy allows us to repair, fix, or align our chakras so the energy flows correctly through our bodies so we can vibrate to the highest frequency, allowing us to be the best we can be.

Crystal healing is based on the crystals having natural healing frequency that can be activated to contribute to moving or balancing energy around them. With chakra stones the vibrational signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with the specific chakra you wish to work on. One may use intention and intuition to activate the healing power of the stones. Energy is channelled and magnified through the crystal; this then resonates with the vibration of frequency of the chakra you are working on, allowing the energy travelling through the chakra to move correctly.

The root chakra

The root chakra, located down the base of our spine, is our grounding chakra and without it we would all be “flighty” so this is an important chakra. It is strongly associated with earthy tones, red and brown, and the kidneys, adrenal gland, and the spine. It promotes grounding, connection to nature, patience, survival, stability, courage, and material success. Alcohol, drugs, flying, and taking on others' energies can block it, allowing us to become unstable, flighty, and unbalanced. Stones that aid the opening of this chakra are red jasper, hematite, black tourmaline, shungite, and black obsidian. For all those negative energies black tourmaline is great worn on a ring, or in some case a belt. It repels the negative energy. For a quick grounding, hematite is excellent — place one in both hands, both feet, and in some circumstances inside your shoes with the visualisation of tree branches growing down from your feet into the ground connecting to Mother Earth. Shungite is the stone for electromagnetic smog given off from devices such as computer, WiFi, mobile phones, etc.

All root chakra crystals are available in Amber. Avail of up to 50 per cent off crystals on Friday May 13 from 7pm.


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