What are the benefits of public speaking for adults?

There are significant benefits for your career — and your business.

When you can express yourself clearly and persuasively in speech, you become more confident, win the respect of others, get people to trust you, overcome barriers to success, influence and inspire your team, and become a more effective leader. It's also fun.

Trading Faces offers a course in public speaking for adults. This course is very practical, with lots of opportunity to develop and fine-tune your public speaking skills. It is also fun.

This four week course will focus on:

• Overcoming nerves and building your confidence: With practice and guidance your confidence in delivering short presentations and speeches will grow.

• Preparation techniques: Half of the battle is being fully prepared. This course will show you the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared before you speak.

• Delivery skills: Making the most of your natural delivery, with tips on techniques on tone, pace, and body language.

• Practical experience: The workshops will give you plenty of opportunity to practice your delivery technique and develop your own speaking rhythm and style.

• Expert advice and feedback: Workshops will offer valuable feedback on where your strengths lie and where there is an opportunity for improvement in your delivery.

Workshops are limited to a maximum of five participants. For further details call 085 1017766.


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