Are you struggling to lose the stubborn weight around your middle?

Are you ready to make a positive, permanent, change that will help increase your health and wellbeing? To assist you in your journey to better health and a better shape, you are invited to attend a one day workshop on how to Lose Fat Around The Middle, providing you with the all the tools necessary to transform your health and shape for good.

Based on the UK’s leading nutritionist, Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD’s bestselling book, Fat Around the Middle, this is not just another weight loss course. It is a healthy eating and nutritional awareness programme delivered by fully qualified nutritionists. You can expect personalised one-to-one dietary advice, support, and practical tips on what and how to eat, making healthier food choices, the best portion sizes, meal planning, and also exercise, mindful eating, and stress management.

If you have ever been on a diet before, you may have experienced initial success, but found that you could not maintain the diet in the longer term. You may be wondering how Glenville Nutrition will be any different from the other programmes you have tried.

With Glenville Nutrition, the defining difference is the team's desire to help you to take control of how and what you eat, so that healthy choices become second nature and are adopted as a lifestyle choice. The next course is being held in The Galway Lawn Tennis Club, Salthill, on Saturday May 7 from 10.30am to 5pm. Cost is €120 which includes a folder full of practical tips, meal plans, and delicious recipes. Booking is essential. For more information phone 091 726344 or visit


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