Quality Irish lamb from farm foods direct

Everyone is looking for value for money at the moment. Farm Foods Direct in Tuam can offer exactly that. Dedicated to producing and supplying quality free range lamb and beef direct from the farm, Farm Foods Direct lamb and beef is excellent value compared to supermarket prices. Buy direct from the farm — not only do you save money but you get quality Irish food products produced locally fresh from our farm and help support local farmers.

Farm Fresh Foods is now taking orders for spring lamb. You can buy a half lamb or a whole lamb. A half lamb weighs approximately 10kg and a full lamb weighs approximately 20kg and contains four half legs, two shanks, lamb stew, and approximately 70 lamb chops/cutlets from rack, shoulder, and loin.

Lamb costs an average of €9 per kg when you buy direct, which is on average 25 per cent cheaper than the supermarket.

To order contact Olivia on (087 ) 1242677 or (093 ) 45652.


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