Event to examine the potential for female ministry in the Catholic church

An event entitled “Women — Potential for Ministry In The Church” will be held in Galway next week and will be addressed by Fr Tony Flannery and Maire Ni Dhuibhir.

The event being organised by Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI ) will be held in the Clayton Hotel on Thursday March 31 and will highlight issues raised by the exclusion of women from positions of significance in the Church.

“Pope Francis has just passed the three year mark since he was elected Pope. In that time he has achieved a great deal. He has changed the spirit and mood of the Church, and given a lot of us hope. For those of us who grew up in the middle of the last century, when there were real signs of change in the Church, Francis has brought back some of that excitement and enthusiasm again.

“But it is generally agreed that there is one area where he has done little, despite on occasions talking in a promising way. That is to do with the exclusion of women from positions of significance in the Church. The Church is still almost totally a male dominated institution,” say the organisers.

“And as time goes by, and societies change and make progress in bringing about equality of the sexes in more aspects of life, the Church is looking more and more a relic of the past. Modern women, well educated and confident, are less inclined to belong to an institution that they see as discriminatory. It is in order to address this situation that the western branch of the ACI have organised the event which commences at 7.30 pm,” they said. All are welcome. For details contact 086 8197894



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