Record demand for anti-wrinkle treatments at Therapie clinic Galway

Years ago, Botox and fillers were treatments that were pretty much the preserve of the rich and famous; it was perfectly acceptable for Hollywood stars to keep themselves looking young and beautiful.

However for the rest of us it was considered a no-no; an unacceptably pretentious indulgence. Well, thankfully, a lot has changed since the early days of these treatments and recent research carried out by Therapie Clinic, which is experiencing a record demand for its anti-wrinkle treatments, shows that almost 60 per cent of us now feel uncomfortable with starting to look older; and almost half say they would consider using Botox or fillers to enhance their appearance.

So why the shift in attitude? Well, it’s probably simply that the stars acted as trail blazers and trend setters for the rest of us - and because celebrity is now much more accessible than ever before, whatever the famous do to keep themselves looking beautiful and young, the rest of us want to do too.

Therapie Clinic offers a range of self-improvement treatments, including anti-wrinkle injectables at extremely affordable prices. And, with Therapie currently offering a special discount price of just €120 for one area, now is the time to treat yourself and rewind time to make yourself look like a younger version of you.

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