Juicing and Raw Food Workshop - Kids go Free!

In association with The Raw Food Coach

Are you confused and don't know where to start with your diet, are you passionate about food and want to learn more, would you like to learn how to create healthy snacks?

if so this your opportunity to fast-track yourself to better health, energy, vitality and weight-loss by learning the best ways of getting lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into your diet in the most delicious ways!

In this 2 hour class Yvonne will show you…

-How to make perfectly balanced raw fruit & vegetable juices.

-Learn the difference between juicing and blending

-How how much juice you need for you, how often to juice it and the best way to store it.

-How to sprout, grow and juice fresh wheatgrass.

-How to properly store your fresh juices to prevent oxidisation.

-How to choose the right juicer for YOU.

-How to prepare healthy snacks, you can incorporate into your daily diet.

-How to make raw chocolate! Yum eee...

Yvonne will be giving you lots of tips throughout the class as well as answering your juicing, raw food and blending queries. You will also have the opportunity to purchase products such as juicers at the end of the class.

You will receive lots of samples on the night.

You will receive the recipes of all dishes/juices on the night.

If you want to change and upgrade your diet and lifestyle to achieve better health, vitality, energy, weight loss, clearer skin, etc this is where you will learn how to do that from the inside out!

If you want to stop food cravings that derail you, like sugar, bread, wine, dairy etc....

If you want to stop feelings of guilt about certain foods and allowing self sabotage to control your diet....

If you want to make healthy eating a normal and fun part of your life and stop diet for once and for all this is the class you need!

I like to offer a small class to allow me (Yvonne ) to answer each question in detail, allowing you in turn to become confident about your food choices. I look forward to meeting you all at my workshop.

To contact The Raw Food Coach about upcoming workshops or to get a consultation Call: 087 0573098 or

Email: [email protected] 


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