GALWAY c1200 to c1900

The above is the title of a newly published folding map by the Royal Irish Academy. It has been compiled by Jacinta Prunty and Paul Walsh using the extensive topographical information which they collected while working on a forthcoming book entitled Galway in the Historic Towns Atlas series. They also studied old maps of the city. This map extends from Newcastle Road to College Road and from Terryland to Nimmo’s Pier. The map and its extensive indices are unrivalled in their detail and afford a unique window into the earlier medieval topography and way of life in the city.

The heavy black line represents the old walls of Galway superimposed on a current ordinance map of the city centre. The various symbols we see are all described on the index to the map and also dated. So, for example E30 is listed as a ‘Meal and Flour Mill, 1656’.

Here is the key to some of the other symbols we see in our image: E37 Newtownsmyth Brewery, 1839; E23 Little Gate Mill, early 16th century; E33 Mill, 1735; E31 Mill, 1583; E47 Shambles, 1839; E29 Martin’s Mill, 1538; E11 Distillery, 1818; E15 Fishmarket, 1792; E14 Fish Market Salt Water, mid 17th century; E1, Agricultural bank, 1839; E8 Cattle Market, mid 17th century; E46 Shambles, 1802; E13 Fish Market fresh water, mid 17th century.

G1 College Cross, 1508; G13 Market Cross, 1583; G16 St Brendan’s Well, 1684; G4 Dovecote, mid 17th century.

C1 Agnes’ Tower, mid 17th century; C2 Alexander’s Tower, mid 17th century; C3 Athey’s Tower, mid 17th century; C5 Gavia’s Tower, mid 17th century; C10 Little Gate River Tower, 1583; C37 Blake’s Castle, 1592; C18 Old Quay Gate 1608; C15 Middle West Gate, 1608; C22 Quay Gate, pre 16th century; C11 Martin’s Tower, 1519; C21 Poke’s Tower, 1583; C16 New Tower, Shoemaker’s Tower 1424; C39 Castle Barracks; C25 East or Upper Citadel, 1652; C6 Great Gate, 1277-80; C35 William’s Gate, 1689; C26 Lion Tower Bastion, 1646.

D19 Patrician Brothers’ School, 1827; D26 Tholsel, 1645; D25 Tholsel 1486, Town Gaol 1496; D13 Dominican Girls’ School, 1767; D9 County Gaol, 1686; D11 Custom House, 1686; D7 County Courthouse, 1686; D2 Charitable School, 1787; D15 Galway Mechanics Institute, 1838.

A11 Augustinian Nunnery, 1839; A37 St Patrick’s Monastery; A8 Augustinian Friars’ Residence, mid 17th century; A19 Franciscan Friars’ Residence, mid 17th century; A13 Carmelite Friary, 1648; A17 Dominican Nunnery, 1686; A17 Jesuit Residence, mid 17th century; A25 Poor Clare Nunnery, 1642; A29 Rich Clare Nunnery, early 17th century; A12 Capuchin Friars’ Residence, mid 17th century.

This map contains, of which we show a small section, an extraordinary amount of information and will bear a lot of study. It is available in good bookshops for €10 and is highly recommended. There should be a framed copy in every school in the city.


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