Housing crisis to be raised at AAA public meeting

AAA Galway West candidate Tommy Holohan.

AAA Galway West candidate Tommy Holohan.

The housing crisis, water charges, and inequality will be the focus of a pre election public meeting organised by the Anti Austerity Alliance this Thursday at 8pm in the Menlo Park Hotel.

The meeting will be addressed by AAA Galway West election candidate Tommy Holohan, and comes two days before the latest round of anti-water charges public protests organised by the national Right2Water movement.

A major plank of the Fine Gael and Labour Government's election strategy is to portray Election 2016 as a stark choice between continued stability under the current administration or 'uncertainty' with Opposition parties gaining power. However Mr Holohan contests this view, saying "one need only look at the state of the health service or the situation with the housing crisis to see that the current state of affairs is far from stable."

Mr Holohan also called on the public to be wary of Government promises. "Given their failure to make good on their promises then, do they really expect us to believe them now?" he asked. "As Labour's Pat Rabbitte put it in a TV interview, 'Sure, isn't that what you do during elections'. The so called recovery, in as much as it exists, exists in a polarised fashion. Those with wealth and power are doing just fine, but for the vast majority of low and middle income people there is no recovery."

All are welcome to the meeting.


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