Your guide to placing the perfect online car ad

For some, placing a private advert can be a little daunting especially if you have never done it before, and even if you place ads regularly, it can be difficult to decide what is the best information to include. Therefore the Galway Advertiser classified team have put some pointers together to help you make the most of your online ad.

1. Firstly you will need a title, this is a brief introduction to what exactly it is you are selling, this could be something like - 08 Toyota Corolla 1.4 Petrol

2. The detail of the ad is extremely important. Try to get in as many details as possible, to ensure that people are not ringing you to find out things that shoud be included in the ad itself. The perfect online ad will include all of the following:

- Exact make and model of the car

- Year

- Engine capacity

- Fuel type

- Body type

- Transmission – automatic or manual

- Colour

- Mileage

Remembering all the details of a car can be difficult. Therefore The Galway Advertiser has made this section easier by adding a ‘Get details by reg number’ section to our classified website. You will find this link when you place a motor car ad. It is as simple as typing in your car registration number and clicking ‘Submit’ and all the information you require will appear automatically. This will appear on the top of your ad and gives browsers an idea at a glance whether they are interested in your motor.

3. A description of extra features of the vehicle is also important. List everything that the car has, that may be relevant to a buyer. Is it taxed and NCT'd? If so until what date? Do not hesitate to sell the attractive features of your vehicle - air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric windows, central locking and so on. This sets your vehicle apart from others, and will entice buyers.

4. On the Galway Advertiser classified website, customers can attach up to 10 photographs of their vehicle. The saying that a picture paints a thousand words certainly rings true when it comes to the placing of ads. It is extremely important to note that ads with images attached typically get twice the response of ads without. Photos help buyers become familiar with the car and investigate further if it match's the specification of the type of vehicle they are seeking. And ensure not to limit the pictures to exterior shots. Interior shots of a clean vehicle helps buyers to make an informed decision. Sellers are advised to post quality photos. Don't frustrate buyers with pictures that are blurry or lack detail

5. The price must realistically reflect the quality of the vehicle being sold. If the price point is too high, you are unlikely to receive too many enquiries, however you don’t want to set it too low and feel like you gave the car away. You must ask yourself honestly, what is the vehicle worth? A little bit of research will allow you to gauge the current market value. Look for models similar to yours, and see what the 'going rate' is; you can then price your vehicle accordingly. Don't be tempted not to include the price, it is a vital part of the ad.

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