Keep election posters to a minimum in Loughrea says McCormaic

Now that money is scarce and concerns for the environment high, election candidates must not plaster election posters all over the town of Loughrea.

This is the view of Eoghan MacCormaic, the Sinn Féin candidate for the Loughrea ward, who is calling for a voluntary limitation on the number of election posters being erected by candidates in the town.

“I am asking candidates from all parties to agree to a realistic limit on postering in the town and its environs now well in advance of the election,” said Mr MacCormaic. “This is a small town with a population of around 4,000. I cannot see the point in swamping the town with as many posters as there are voters.”

Mr MacCormaic is proposing that the Galway County Council erect three or four election notice boards in strategic parts of the town and to allocate each candidate equal space on these for the duration of the election.

He said if this could not be agreed on that “we should all adopt a bit of common sense and restraint and agree a reasonable number of posters per candidate”.

Mr MacCormaic said voters will “not thank politicians who go overboard running up huge printing costs at a time when money is scarce”.


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