Overcoming childhood learning  difficulties in weeks, not years

James Lee, CEO, MSc biomedical science.

James Lee, CEO, MSc biomedical science.

Welcome to the November 2015 issue about our brain, how it works, and what affects its function. Having had someone close to me with pretty severe learning difficulties, I embarked on that road of help and interventions. We tried everything, with little success, until we came across validated tried and tested online solution programmes, and we have never looked back.

It was only when I began using these online technologies that I found that the brain will only change for the better if an intervention is frequent and intense. Special needs intervention is all very well and good, however cutbacks, etc, mean that children are not getting enough help as frequently and intensely as they should. A half an hour every other day is going to take all of primary school, with no guarantees.

Our programmes have an 85 per cent success rate; the 15 per cent are those who tried traditional methods with little success. By the time the child or adult gets to me they have decended into the abyss of no self esteem or confidence and the usual remark, 'No point in doing that, I am stupid'. I know at that stage the exercise is futile and heralds the start of a very tough life for that person with little hope of academic suuccess along with poor job prospects.

To gauge the programme's success, a mother commented recently: 'My husband has successfully completed the programme and can now have a conversation, my three children in succession have had brilliant results. I am so happy that I recommended the programme to my friends and they also got great results. Now these teenagers can go to college or study and succeed at anything, whereas before their future was dark and bleak'.

To book a full screening email [email protected] or call 085 2171800. Places are limited as the programme is intensive. All programmes are online and are monitored daily with results available to you each week.


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