Get an accurate picture of your blood pressure

Cardio Pulse wave analysis is the latest technology in non-invasive vascular and cardiac screening. But there is a means to get a more accurate picture of your blood pressure. The BPro device used for Cardio Pulse wave screening, shows you the condition of your heart and the flexibility of your arteries by measuring central aortic systolic pressure - the pressure at the centre of your heart. This is a more accurate measurement of your blood pressure than standard blood pressure.

The BPro also measures the stiffness of your arteries for your age. This can help identify the patient’s vulnerability to cardiovascular danger and provide critical information to detect problems before they become dangerous or life threatening. When a problem is found early it becomes much easier to treat and may lead to a better quality of life

Trials have shown that the non invasive BPro has proven to be 99.17 per cent as accurate as an invasive angiogram in the measurement of BP. Screening is advisable if you have a family history of heart disease, stroke or diabetes or if you have concerns about your heart and blood pressure.

This accurate test takes about 15 minutes to perform but it could add years to your life.To book your appointment please call Harvey Bothma on 0877681402


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