Triangular Brush Art Jazz Band

THE ARTISTS Jojo Hynes, Joanne Newman, and Annelie Fawke will conclude a year long exploration into collaborative exhibition making as the Triangular Brush Art Jazz Band, with a residency at the 126 Gallery on Flood Street, next week.

Entitled Darker Half, the exhibition promises to be "a residency of destruction, guising, and prediction once darkness has fallen"; will be made up of three separate events. Darker Half: Last Feast (Wednesday October 28, 5pm ) will be an exhibition of ephemera; Darker Half: Guising (Saturday 31, 5pm ) will be about destroying the Triangular Brush Art Jazz Band, and developing new ways of working together, which will be revealed in the gallery on that day.

Triangular Brush

Since December 2014, Annelie Fawke, Jojo Hynes and Joanne Newman (pictured above ) have been researching collaborative improvisation and atmosphere within exhibition making, and drawing inspiration from pop culture figures such as super heroes and the alter egos of rock stars. See


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