Paddy Cullivan's Solutionism to Ireland's woes

50 solutions in 90 minutes at the Nuns Island Theatre tomorrow

Paddy Cullivan.

Paddy Cullivan.

PADDY CULLIVAN is a musician and satirist, well known from The Late Late Show and The Camembert Quartet, Callan's Kicks, and Joe Duffy's Funny Friday, but he's bringing his comedic skills to look at the state of Irish politics, economy, and culture, in his new show Solutionism.

A veteran of the Kilkenomics festival and the Leviathan Political Cabaret, Paddy, originally from Galway, debuts Solutionism at the Nun's Island Theatre this evening at 8pm. Here, Paddy will put forward 50 solutions in 90 minutes, using imagery, satire, historical and aesthetic insight, and songs (including 'Turning The Corner' with which the show starts, see below ), proposing a 'third way' to dominant right-wing and left-wing viewpoints.

Expect Paddy to propose 'Ireland must take a year off alcohol', 'Oligarchs must take art lessons by law', 'Ireland adopts a Walking Dead economy', 'Re-Roof Ireland', 'Fire everyone and re-hire the good ones', 'You can only watch a football match if you've played a football match', 'All politicians must live on the streets for a week', 'Bring back stocks - and I don't mean financial ones', 'Banking war reparations', 'Talent taxes', 'Teach the Irish how to clap on the two and the four', 'Compulsory home economics', 'Quadrophonic easing: how four currencies are better than one' and 'Saints and scholars as a policy'.

The show will be followed by a discussion with solutions suggested by the audience. Tickets are available from the Galway Arts Centre (091 - 565886 or ). See also



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