Oyster festival Silent Disco Ball

HAVE YOU always wanted to go to a silent disco but thought it was for those in their twenties or younger? Think again. The Galway Oyster Festival is hosting the Silent Disco Ball this Saturday and it is for strictly over 25s.

The Silent Disco Ball takes place in the Festival Marquee, Nimmos Pier, from 8pm to 1am. Two DJs will play classics, anthems, guilty pleasures, songs you love, and songs you love to hate. You can switch between the two DJs depending on who is playing what you like, or simply you can enjoy looking at hundreds of people dancing and singing along to classic hits anthems, guilty pleasures, and pure cheese - except no music will be heard as they will be all wearing headphones.

Tickets are €10. See www.roisindubh.net for more information.


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