Carnevil...the horror reawakens

The west of Ireland’s first scare attraction opens in October

ARE YOU feeling brave? Are you feeling nervous? Are you looking for something to test the limits of your courage, and are you prepared to look deep into the abyss? Are you prepared for the abyss to…look back?

October, the month of witching, Halloween, spooks, and the supernatural is almost upon us, but perhaps nothing will prepare you for the greatest fright of your life; Carnevil - an excorcise in fear for adults, that is coming to Galway.

Carnevil is the west of Ireland’s first scare attraction, housed in the haunted former Connacht Tribune printing press on Market Street, where, more than 150 years ago, a seemingly innocent travelling carnival came to the city, only to leave its citizens so scarred and terrified, that all memories of it have been stricken from official records, never to be spoken of again. Until now…

We can now reveal to you some of those terrible secrets. When that carnival came to Galway, chaos ensued when many of the side-show freaks escaped. Despite the best efforts of the local watch, the maniacal gang wreaked havoc, striking in the dark, vanishing in the night, leaving a trail of destruction and horror in their wake.

The city, paralyzed with fear, breathed a collective sigh of relief when the carnival disappeared one night. While the nightly reign of terror came to a halt, it was locally held that the deranged freaks had escaped to the wilds of Connemara. Months later, when visitors to the local convent found the doors locked, the horrible truth was discovered. Having forced entry, the local watch were horrified to find the freaks had entered the convent and turned it into a grotesque lair of unnameable horror, and apparently turned upon each other in some sort of frenzied madness. The scene was so gruesome, so shocking, the building was boarded up, its shocking secret horror locked away for ever...or so we thought...

Carnevil begins on Thursday October 8 and will end at midnight on Halloween night. The opening times are 7pm to 11pm (October 8-9, 12-16, 19-22, 27-28 ); 4pm to 11pm (October 10-11, 17-18, 23-26 ); and 2pm to midnight (October 29 - 31 ). The event is strictly over 16s. Tickets are €18/13 and go on sale on Friday [October 1] through, OMG on Shop Street, and the Róisín Dubh. See also



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