NRA ‘insensitive’ in not rebuilding tragic wall in Kilrickle

THE National Roads Authority is being insensitive in not rebuilding a vital roadside wall knocked during a fatal accident in the centre of Kilrickle some years ago, according to Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins.

The shocking accident was a source of much grief at the time and the knocked wall is a reminder to locals of that terrible day.

Now Sen Higgins says that the lack of a wall is a serious public safety issue given there is a timber railing that is supposed to be a crash barrier.

“This is the only means of protecting road users and pedestrians from harm. The lack of a wall is also a scar in the village and needs to be rebuilt as soon as possible because what is most objectionable about all of this is the fact that the failure to rebuild the wall serves as a constant reminder to the families who lost loved ones when this wall originally fell”.

“Furthermore, the local community spend a good deal of voluntary time in keeping the village in a great condition and yet you see no assistance from this state agency.”

She said that she wrote to the NRA months ago about this matter and unfortunately they failed to act.

“In all the circumstances of the matter I have again contacted the NRA and stressed the urgent need to sort his matter out. I will also be bringing it up with the Minister for Transport if the matter isn’t rectified at the earliest possible date,” Senator Higgins concluded 



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