Plutonic House @ Rocktoberfest

Plutonic Dust.

Plutonic Dust.

PLUTONIC DUST will bring their punk/funk, cinematic disco/techno, to the Rocktoberfest weekender at Monroe’s Live, joining The Hot Sprockets, Vann Music, The Geddes, The Woodburning Savages, D-Day, and others from October 1 to 4.

Plutonic House - Veronica Moran (vocals, synth, guitar ), Patrick MacAdam (synth and vocoder ), Kevin McKnight (bass, synth ), Ciaran O'Shea (guitar, percussion ) - play on Friday October 2. Their electric live performance earned them a regular spot at the Midnight Club at Whelan’s and impressed audiences at the Body and Soul festival earlier this year. Abstract and trippy, the band cite influences such as John Murphy, Angelo Balementi, and David Lynch.

The full Rocktoberfest line-up will be announced next week. Rocktoberfest is sponsored by Bulmers and Becks. Tickets are €8 at


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