Getting your property ready for the rental market

In association with our classified website,, we give some tips on getting your property ready for the rental market

Are you aiming to rent your property to students?

If so, now is the time to be getting a house or apartment ready, with the academic year little more than a month away. And even if the student population is not your target market, it is always important that the property makes a positive first impression on any potential tenants. Maintaining the property in a good condition is the first step to letting your home and achieving the best possible price.

The external view

   • This is the first view your potential tenants will have of your property, so you should focus on optimising its appearance

   • Make sure the house number is clearly visible so the property is easily located

   • It is important that the house has been painted in recent years as the fist thing a person will notice on arrival is a shabby paint job. Give the window frames and door a quick lick of paint if they need it.

   • Ensure the front and back gardens look their best - pull any visible weeds and make sure they look neat and tidy.

   • Keep any rubbish and rubbish bins out of sight.

The interior

   • Clean the property thoroughly from top to bottom - there is nothing more off putting than a dirty home. It could be well worth hiring a professional cleaner for one day if you have not the time, or inclination, for heavy duty cleaning

   • Eradicate unpleasant odours, like pet smells and cigarette smoke by opening windows constantly and using air freshener.

   • Create the illusion of more space by moving some furniture into storage, and do a major clear out of any unnecessary items.

   • Make minor repairs - fix leaky taps and cracks in the walls, replace broken or crooked tiles, replace burned-out light bulbs - make sure everything works

   • Decorate rooms if required - a lick of paint can completely change the appearance of a room

Advertising your property

Advertise your property efficiently to thousands of potential tenants on    • Think about the type of accommodation you are going to let and how you are going to let it out. How will it be advertised - for example, two bedrooms with a study, or three bedrooms?

   • Having as much detail on your ad as possible will attract more relevant leads to your property.

   • Describe the accommodation available including the room sizes and contents. Include special features such as a balcony, a sunny garden, en-suites, etc

   • Location and amenities are also important so detail shops, schools, and other facilities. If the property is near NUIG, GMIT, or the city centre make sure to include those points in your advert.

   • Photographs are extremely important and must look appealing. Potential landlords are advised to include around 10 photos with the ad. Take the pictures when the light is good and ensure the best photos of your property are displayed first.

If you have any concerns about a buyer or seller you can report the ad or contact the Advertiser team by e-mail at [email protected].


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