Two hundred people reported missing in Galway last year

More than 200 people were reported missing in Galway last year, according to the Garda Annual Report.

The report, published earlier this week, records a total of 208 people who were reported as missing in Galway in 2014; only one of these people has yet to be found.

The majority of the missing persons — 119 — were categorised as high risk, with 30 medium risk, and 59 people in the low risk category.

The Galway Garda division saw a total of 20 incidents recorded last year under Section 12 of the Childcare Act, which allows gardai to remove a child from his/her parents or guardians if they believe the child is in immediate danger. There was a 31 per decrease in such incidents last year, as compared to 2013.

No other regional statistics were provided in the report; the Central Statistics Office suspended the publication of crime statistics last year due to deficiencies in the way in which crimes were being recorded and classified. The Garda plans to update the report with statistics for the full year when the CSO resumes publishing crime figures shortly.



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