Keaveney appalled by blatant breach of confidentiality on medical cards

Fianna Fáil TD for Galway East Colm Keaveney has accused the Government and the HSE of breaching the confidentiality of hundreds of women who have received medical cards as part of a redress scheme for women who were resident in certain institutions and homes. 

The cards which have been issued clearly identify these women as being lived in a Magdalene laundry or similar home. Deputy Keaveney said that these cards carry the heading “Redress for Women Resident in Certain Institutions Act, 2015” along with the name, PPSN and RWRCI number of the holder. 

“This clearly identifies the woman as having lived in residential home and as well as being completely insensitive, is a clear breach of their confidentiality.“

“These women have been subjected to enough trauma and upset in having to fight to secure these medical cards under the redress process in the first place and now many feel as if the stigmatisation that they have been subjected to in the past is continuing,” he said.

“In handing over these cards, they are identifying themselves as having lived in a residential institution and are being forced to acknowledge their past in order to avail of their medical entitlements.


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