The Imp wants to play

Belfast's Amadan @ Galway Fringe Festival

HE LOOKS different, his walk is strange, his face funny, and he says nothing with his mouth but a lot with his body. He is a perverse prankster, but those brave enough to journey with him might be in for laughter and some uncomfortable self-discovery.

This is The Imp, by Belfast clown/bouffon theatre duo Amadan - Jude Quinn and Gemma Mae Halligan - which is currently running at the Kirwan’s Lane Theatre, Busker Browne’s, today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday as part of the Galway Fringe Festival.

Using the grotesque clowning style of bouffon and the ‘Je suis’ hashtag that swept the world after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, this show explores the sometimes perverse nature of humanity. The Imp thinks the unthinkable and does the unmentionable, and encourages audiences to become a bit more 'impish' themselves.

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