Conformity and transgression @ Galway Fringe

Arroo AbĂș to stage Jo Holmwood's Hunter Gatherer

CONFORMITY, TRANSGRESSION, and the battle between civilisation and primal urges will be examined in Hunter Gatherer, a new play that is to be staged as part of the Galway Fringe Festival.

Leitrim-based theatre company Arroo Abú will stage Hunter Gatherer, at the Kirwan’s Lane Theatre, Busker Browne’s, tomorrow [Wednesday July 15] and Thursday [July 16] at 3.30pm. It charts the journey of two petty criminals, played by Paul Gibson and Paddy McEneaney, who find themselves together in the same gaol cell. Through their unlikely friendship, the audience is faced with their dilemmas and demons. Can they break free from their addictions? Will they be reformed?

Hunter Gatherer, written and directed by Jo Holmwood, represents “an exploration of the compulsive man in a controlled society; exploring the extent to which we are conditioned by ‘civilised society’ against our more primal instincts. This is a fast-paced and intense play that raises questions about human behaviour and nature versus nurture."

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